vol9 no4 (34)/2015



Łukasz Bąk, Stanisław Noga, Feliks Stachowicz
The Experimental Investigation of the Screen Operation in the Parametric Resonance Conditions 

Václav Tesař
Fluidic Generator of Microbubbles – Oscillator with Gas Flow Reversal for a Part of Period 

Ernest Czerwiński, Paweł Olejnik, Jan Awrejcewicz
Modeling and Parameter Identification of Vibrations of a Double Torsion Pendulum with Friction 

Sławomir Wudarczyk, Artur Muraszkowski
A Concept and Simulation Studies of a Mechatronic Stair Transporter for the Disabled 

Sergiy Lupenko, Nadiia Lutsyk, Yuri Lapusta
Cyclic Linear Random Process as a Mathematical Model of Cyclic Signals 

Tadeusz Kaczorek
Minimum Energy Control of Positive Time-Varying Linear Systems 

Shiv Manjaree, Bahadur Chand Nakra, Vijyant Agarwal
Comparative Analysis for Kinematics of 5-DOF Industrial Robotic Manipulator 

Ihor Kuz, Olga Kuz, Heorgij Sulym
Stress-Strain State of Elastic Plate with an Arbitrary Smooth Notch

Viorel Ungureanu, Dan Dubina, Andrei Crisan, Antonio Madeo, Giuseppe Zagari, Giovanni Zucco, Raffaele Zinno
Koiter Asymptotic Analysis of Thin-Walled Cold-Formed Steel Members 

Carlos M.N. Velosa, Kouamana Bousson
Robust Output Regulation of Uncertain Chaotic Systems with Input Magnitude and Rate Constraints 

Alexander Bogdanovich, Oleg Yelovoy, Leonid Sosnovskiy, Victor Komissarov, Sergey Tyurin
Local Damages During Rolling and Mechano-Rolling Fatigue for the Mechanical System Shaft – Roller (0.45 Carbon Steel – 25ХГТ Steel, 20ХН3А Steel – 20ХН3А Steel) 

Wojciech Cieszyński, Michał Zięba, Jacek Reiner
Real time Trajectory Correction System of Optical Head In Laser Welding